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The Chess Philosophy Academy 
Learning to play chess is easy but learning how to play well is not easy and can take a lot of your precious time. If you want to improve your chess level and achieve great results as soon as possible, a coach can help you with this, he will competently create a custom lesson plan for effective and fast progress.
Who is the Chess Philosophy Academy for?
Chess Training is available for adults and kids 7 years and above. It is for anyone that wants to feel the benefits that chess has to offer!
Ali H (One of the students in The Chess Philosophy Academy)
Why should I or my kids get Chess lesson?
I'm glad you asked! Besides the fact that chess is a lot of fun, the tangible benefits of playing chess are immense. I will list a a few below
Improves memory

Enhance reading skills

Develops planning and foresight

Improves problem-solving skills

Promotes creativity

Ability to work under pressure
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